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Honko works with five villages on Madagascar's southwest coast, in an area situated about 12km north of the major city Tulear. These communities largely depend on the natural resources from the nearby Ambondrolava mangrove complex, comprised of 120ha of mangrove forest and 300ha of associated reed wetlands. Each village depends, to varying degrees, on fishing, pastoralism, reed harvesting, and mangrove wood resources. Ambondrolava, one of Honko's project-area villages, is home to Honko's Mangrove Information Center (MIC) and headquarters. Ambondrolava, in Malagasy, means long vondro (lesser cattail), which is used for housing (walls and roofing) and to make artisanal products such as hats and baskets. The community of Ambondrolava, in particular, relies on these reeds from the wetlands between the village and the mangrove forest, making up a significant portion of the family income. The community also utilizes mangrove wood for firewood and construction, and several mangrove tree species have additional medicinal uses such as treating symptoms of malaria.

Honko works closely with the local management association, VOI Mamelo Honko, formed entirely of community members from all five villages in Honko's project area, which works to monitor their mangroves and the use of its resources. The association has successfully received land management rights over the mangrove forest from the Malagasy government through a transfer de gestion, and are continuously working on improving their community-based management plans with Honko's assistance. Since Honko began working alongside the VOI in 2008, the VOI has made large strides in establishing several critical dina, or local laws, governing the Ambondrolava mangrove complex, including bans on charcoal production in the mangrove and on fishing in the mangrove’s smaller channels to reduce overfishing.

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