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Volunteer with Honko – a great opportunity for anyone looking for field experience, an adventure, or looking to enter the fields of conservation and sustainable development!

Life at the edge of the mangroves is a lifestyle few get to experience and enjoy; volunteering at Honko will give you this unique opportunity, and a chance to make a real difference in this fragile ecosystem which many overlook. Honko’s Volunteer Program based in rural Ambondrolava, SW Madagascar, gives volunteers the opportunity to stay on the edge of the mangroves, for up to 3 months working on a project of their choice.

Whether you are interested in assisting with our ongoing ecological monitoring programmes and community projects or conducting independent research, contact us and we can find a project that is a great fit for you! If you would like to conduct research but do not have a specific topic in mind, contact us with your areas of interest and we will help you find an appropriate research question. If you already have a research question in mind we will help you finalise and realise your research.

Living at Honko, you will not only have the opportunity to explore the mangroves, but also to interact and learn from the local communities – many of our volunteers say that is their favourite part of their Honko experience. This is a great chance to see a part of the world that not many have the opportunity to explore and a way to make a positive change in people’s lives.

Download the programme brochure below for more information on the programme, volunteer activities and costs. Explore the website to get a feel for our projects and how you might want to help, and for more information and to apply please contact us at with your CV and areas of interest.

If you can’t get to Madagascar but are interested in helping us with things such as raising awareness and fundraising from abroad don’t hesitate to contact us! We rely on our volunteers to further the reach of all of our projects both on the ground and abroad, and are grateful to them all for their continued help, support and enthusiasm. Thank you!

Program brochure (.pdf)


Recent testimonials

"My time at Honko was naturally a great experience. The staff were involved and helpful with my projects. They also seemed truly dedicated to improving both the Honko experience and the villages around them."
-Geoff (USA), fisheries volunteer

"I had the feeling that I could do something that had significance in the life of the villagers by giving presentations about the health effects, planting and cooking the Moringa tree. I felt very welcomed and appreciated at Honko. It was great experience to see completely different kind of life conditions compared to back home, after which I appreciate everything in a completely new way."
-Annastiina (Finland), nutrition volunteer

"You will feel so comfortable right away and it really felt like a second family away from home during my time in Ambondrolava...if you are looking to gain some experience in environmental research and conservation - not just research for the sake of research, but research for the sake of doing some direct good in a place that is in dire need of it - Honko is the best internship you can find."
-Anton (USA), mangrove monitoring volunteer


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