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Student Research

Are you a student with a specific research project in mind? Year-round we welcome local and international students conducting social and natural science research projects. Here are just a few of the types of projects you can take on in the mangroves of Ambondrolava and surrounding villages:

Natural sciences:

  • Forest surveying: broad 'brush stroke' image of the forest composition and associated fauna diversity of the mangrove
  • Bird life: survey of the variety of bird species in the mangroves to create a potential new interest for tourism
  • Fiddler crabs and mud crabs: behavioral study into species interaction and resource sharing; current situation of mud crab in the mangrove forest (population, health, size, and others)
  • Plantation evaluation: looking into the differing forest structures evident in plantation and adjacent natural forest
  • Herpetological study: diversity and abundance of amphibians and reptiles
  • Mangrove fish diversity: a look at the fish populations found in the mangrove channel

Social sciences:

  • Men vs. women - perceptions on conservation
  • Family roles on conservation - where and from whom do they base their ideas on the environment and conservation
  • Social and economic studies on reed and mangrove activities


Visit our Conservation Science page for a list of past and present research at Honko to give you an idea of just a few of the endless possibilities of projects you could do.

To enquire about doing research at Honko, contact us at with your CV, proposed research project, and time/duration that you would plan to stay at Honko.

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