Mangroves of Ambondrolava

The mangrove forest at Ambondrolava covers 120 hectares, with an additional 13 hectares of degraded and deforested mangrove that Honko and the community have reforested. The forest opens to a channel (not the ocean), which opens into the Bay of Ranobe. We are located just south of the Bay of Ranobe, which has a 32km long reef bordering a lagoon and intermixed seagrass beds with patches of reef. The local communities strongly depend on the mangrove for its wood and animal resources. With rapid population growth in this region, there has been over-usage of the mangrove’s resources and evident degradation. Ambondrolava's mangrove and surrounding wetlands have 7 species of mangrove trees and 37 wetland birds (the highest recorded wetland bird diversity in this region, see study here). Within and around the mangrove there are many different habitat types ranging from protected forest, degraded forest, reforested land, reed beds, and abandoned salt pans that have actually made a great home to many bird species.

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