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Visit the first fully developed community mangrove reserve in SW Madagascar and truly support the local community!

Honko invites all those who come to Madagascar to visit us and get an insider’s look at the mangroves and our projects. One of our local, trained tour guides will lead you through this unique ecosystem along our 1km boardwalk with informational signs along the way to learn about the mangroves’ adaptations, threats, and conservation. Our 4m tall viewpoint overlooking the channel and mangrove forest is also an ideal spot for birdwatching, in addition to abandoned saltpans that host a great diversity of wading birds. If you require something more adventurous, you can also opt to kayak or take an off-boardwalk extension tour into the heart of the mangroves, enjoying the mud and bugs that come with it!

Learn more about the purpose behind our ecotourism program under Livelihoods.

Honko is the proud winner of the Gold Award for Best for Wildlife Conservation World Responsible Tourism Awards 2015! Here's what the judges had to say: "We wanted to recognise that Honko has achieved sustainability and demonstrated what a small scale initiative can achieve for impoverished local communities and their environment"

This recognition will help us get more attention from tour operators, increasing tourism flow and ultimately giving an alternative livelihood to the locals. 

Download our flier below, to learn more about our site and the mangrove circuits we offer.

We are open between sunrise and sunset everyday. To check the availability of our guides or to reserve the pirogue or kayaks you're welcome to call ahead:

+261 (0)32 540 42 76
+261 (0)32 704 65 04

Tours start at 10,000 Ar per person for the standard tour that lasts approximately one hour. For more information about all our tour options you can download our Honko Mangrove Tours flier:
English (PDF)
French (PDF)

How to find us!
Our Mangrove Information Center (MIC) is situated 12km north of Tulear, conveniently located between Tulear and Ifaty/Mangily on RN9. If travelling from Tulear, simply follow the RN9 north towards Ifaty/Mangily. In Ambondrolava, about 12km or 30 minutes north of Tulear, follow the "Honko Mangrove Tours" signs to turn left in the center of the village. After you turn, follow the road for about 1km and you will find us!

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