Honko Mangrove Conservation and Education

Honko Mangrove Conservation & Education (Honko) is a Belgian registered non-profit working in partnership with the coastal communities of southwest Madagascar to improve local livelihoods, and quality of life by working with this fragile and amazing environment instead of against it. The organisation is now managed by the NGO Reef Doctor.

Honko is dedicated to developing sustainable methods of preserving and managing the mangrove ecosystem in partnership with five mangrove-dependent communities. The goal is to empower the local people with a sense of responsibility toward their environment and have them take charge of managing their mangrove resources. By also introducing a variety of alternative livelihoods, Honko strives to build community resilience in the face of a changing natural environment.

Honko means mangroves in Malagasy, the national language. Reversing the degradation and preventing further loss of mangrove forest ecosystems is an important aspect of Honko’s diverse initiatives. All of our work is done in close partnership with the local management association, the VOI Mamelo Honko, to ensure the community has the eventual capacity to effectively manage their natural resources on their own.

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