Founded in 2007, Honko is a Belgian registered charity.
About Us

Honko is a Belgian registered non-profit working in partnership with the coastal communities of southwest Madagascar, to improve local livelihoods, and quality of life by working with this fragile and amazing environment instead of against it.

Founded in 2007, Honko works in one of the most impoverished areas in Madagascar, the arid southwest. Honko works with the local communities to conserve the threatened mangrove forests and associated wetlands in the Ambondrolava mangrove complex, an area that includes five mangrove-dependent communities: Belalanda, Tanambao, Belitsake, Ambondrolava and Ambotsibotsike. With the established Mangrove Information Center, Honko is able to educate not only the local people but also visitors from all over the world on mangrove ecology and conservation. By also introducing a variety of alternative livelihoods, Honko strives to build community resilience in the face of a changing natural environment.

Through Honko’s approach of empowering the community and local management association, and training them on community-based mangrove management, the Ambondrolava mangrove complex and nearby communities will have a brighter and more sustainable future.

In January 2017, neighbouring marine conservation and social development NGO Reef Doctor became the official managing body of Honko, and is now responsible for overseeing in-country operations and staff. The unification of Reef Doctor and Honko signals an important milestone in mangrove conservation in southwest Madagascar. Together both NGOs are committed to reversing the degradation and preventing further loss of mangrove forest ecosystems in the Bay of Ranobe, and will continue to empower the community in mangrove management. 


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